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Previous versions of Microsoft Teams Connector

For IT admins that needs to download previous versions of the Microsoft Teams Connector for Pexip Infinity platform. 


Last updated: March 14th, 2024

Teams Connector installation

Choose the relevant version below.

  • v33.1

    Release date: December 13th, 2023

    SHA256 Checksum: f6ea2e0754bde2f8237f6f1cc548014c460928bf81be7f22ba929c8cefea0ad3
  • v33

    Release date: October 30th, 2023

    SHA256 Checksum: 9c71b955eefd2a74b130a057276e78dfff24199e014d30e4a342cc577e3f0531
  • v32.3

    Release date: October 9th, 2023

    SHA256 Checksum: 97223ed357e6a2563d616a210b8a51c284ede1aa2adf85a8231405f93d7181e1
  • v31.4

    Release date: October 9th, 2023

    SHA256 Checksum: 8194a762e1c192b474909fe83f9583ac3483c89744d39f21ac25910f8d22b87a
  • v30.1

    Release date: December 7th 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 5b0d46287fd95d5738c1782ffecf6806371ec22353482514bc594c5de7c63eb8
  • v30

    Release date: October 25th 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: b7a235278488775e6b0cb035343c7c330d803519707c27a04796c20796edb3a2
  • v29.4

    Release date: December 1st 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 15f95aca49c4b01f4aa3905f3d6c4065c3389c31792fd50755a7dc09c0594182
  • v29.3

    Release date: November 4th 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: f30193ac1ce0ef36ca1810ca3039826100a23699f0265347813d521c33bd58d4
  • v29.1

    Release date: September 2nd 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: b30473c0be46de4d3afa85d77ea2766b0d211eb54e3b7455d12e50e69dfe7698
  • v29

    Release date: July 25th, 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: cc7e95983f02fa9565da0fb3d0e80ecc74bbb7792e86d8e09d70b5f68b5aec7a
  • v28.3

    Release date: December 1st 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: a477b2f576e3b666f6afc3d8800adb97695b14271a0df3a9286ec0120cd56202
  • v28.2

    Release date: July 15th 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 4149755c6fe741fa9054fdc6354a4fdd54b2d0a65f96312a8b16b6f7bb93edc9
  • v28.1

    Release date: June 7th 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 91fb9621663a5aa5b9d52db3ea9139b322a845bff736fffd9ebfb6bf40711df5
  • v28

    Release date: May 3rd 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 3c2732ed1acac3a5461191b0402605af2f43fdc4b5cc679ab35c37f82c2b9764
  • v27.4

    Release date: December 1st 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 2252cd94fe18a756877fe13bb809dfdfd2dfe2663b14c98d8edfc4a4c0491c65
  • v27.3

    Release date: March 23rd 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 3501a2788d3d5697ad24eb262fe48daa335151b1d22e348f5e529c9610210746
  • v27.2

    Release date: February 23rd 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 09c37a85bd461f879ae9550ccfbeebe069db673984f89dbd0ee1c63e6e2a4b02
  • v27.1

    Release date: February 9th 2022

    SHA256 Checksum: 3d5a4ac5a2119a6b55b8b90ac84b240c6e20acbd798a8e2be0bbbda469f9ea87
  • v27

    Release date: February 2nd 2022

    Checksum: 0e42558bc3849d45a42b63b90867f6ff

Older releases not listed

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