How Indiana University Improved Student Attendance Rates by 50% Using Video

Learn how a "blended" learning approach combining virtual and in-person attendance can lead to better outcomes.

Student attending online class at home

Indiana University teamed up with Pexip to understand how video conferencing could impact absenteeism by giving students the ability to attend classes remotely or in person. 

Key findings include:

  • Absenteeism down by 50 percent: Over the course of the study, absenteeism was halved from 11 percent to just under 5 percent.

  • Students approve of remote attendance option: Student attitudes toward this option were overwhelmingly positive. 

  • Remote attendance option in demand: The utilization rate for the remote option increased from 3 to 42 percent over the two-year time span.

  • Grades don’t suffer from remote attendance: Grades showed no significant difference between physical and remote attendees. 

Download the full report to the right to learn more. 



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