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Working The Pexip Way

In early 2019, I was honored to be part of a core team that was tasked with spearheading an effort to dive into Pexip, and recently merged Videxio, to help define what the company’s culture was.  Because we are a company that delivers global video conferencing to our customers, our global team was able to meet periodically on a global scale to discuss and deliberate what it means to be Pexip.  We also met with members of our greater global Pexip team to make sure we had as much input as possible to accurately reflect the Culture and Values of Pexip.  Here we are, over a year later, and I am as proud as ever to be part of a team that is driven by our Culture and Values to be, and deliver, the best we possibly can every single day.

For me, The Pexip Way is quite a litmus test.  Throughout any given day, I often challenge myself to reference The Pexip Way (which is posted on a wall in my office) while making choices related to my chosen profession. Choices can range from the mundane to important things that can have significant impacts on me, my teammates, our customers, and even those who are served by our customers.

From email correspondence, to phone calls, to the hours and hours of video calls in which I am regularly engaged, every opportunity to connect with another person is an opportunity to be the best representation of myself and my team that I can.  It is important that keep in mind that I am granted the #FREEDOM to do things I need to do to represent the best of Pexip every day.  That comes with great #RESPONSIBLITY to honor the best of my time and leverage my resources as responsibly as I possible can. 

I am proud that Pexip is a #PROFESSIONAL organization that is proud of the services that we provide to our customers around the world.  That professionalism doesn’t stop at the product that we produce and provide. Pexip understands that we are part of a global community which includes a lot of different types of companies and consumers.  On a regular basis, Pexipers get to dream, create, imagine, and develop with our partners and customers to develop solutions that meet real-world problems.  People on this team get to do really cool things that solve problems that exist today.  We have the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge our peers.  We have a lot of visibility into what happens in our industry, and sometimes we get to acknowledge and congratulate even our competitors for work well done!  Now, that is #FUN, and fun is in my/our DNA.  We like to do cool things together, and we also like to enjoy the pride that comes with meaningful shared experience.  When you do work that is important, you emerge on the other side of that work with ownership.  By no means is this exclusive to Pexip.  This is true in any medium where teams come together and accomplish great things. 

Speaking of teams, it’s really great to be part of an organization that remains approachable enough to truly see each other as #ONE TEAM.  I love that every member of the Pexip team recognizes that we are all stronger together.  Every single person on the team brings a strength that is unique to her or him.  The gifts that I bring to the team joined the team with me.  It’s true of every single member.  Any puzzle is made of different pieces, and no puzzle is complete without all its pieces.  This is reflected in acumen, personality types, technical proclivities, and a myriad of other traits that make up a person.  

Finally, an important part of remaining strong, challenged, healthy, and formidable is transparency.  We know that we must hold each other accountable.  When every person is critical to the success of the team, not even one person can fail to show up and show out.  Holding each other to the fire means being rigid to a #NO BULLSHIT communication policy.  We are honest with each.  We are honest with our partners,  We are honest with our customers.  It is how it must be in order to do things that are great.  Great things can be difficult (They should), and it is in doing things that are difficult that shines a light on amazing teams. 

I am so proud to be a part of this team, and The Pexip Way allows us to shine and bring great things into the world.

Mike Asbury;Enterprise Solutions Director
Mike Asbury
Enterprise Solutions Director
Mike works as an Enterprise Solutions Director for Pexip, covering the Southeastern US region. As well as extensive experience in the video collaboration space, Mike is also a certified business and career coach, and he loves helping people reach their potential.

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