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What's new in Pexip Engage's V2?

Pexip Engage User Experience

With the new version of Pexip Engage our team has worked hard to enhance and improve the functionalities and features of the web-app in order to deliver extraordinary user experiences. In short, we made our solution faster, better and more user-friendly. 

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new. 🔎  

For a more detailed explanation, please reach out to your dedicated Pexip contact person. 

1. V2 Web App - new functionalities and improvements


1.1 Improvement of UI - look and feel


One of the main focuses with V2 of the web app was the improvement of the look and feel of the user interface, along with the user experience. 

The web app now follows familiar logic to make it more user friendly and intuitive. It is easier to find next steps in the configuration process. 

Another addition to the web app is pop-ups. These pop up pages make it a lot easier and quicker to update your preferred settings while you continue to adjust the configuration. 

Pexip Engage Personal Calendar UI

1.2 Account settings changes


In the previous version, users had to set up their account in multiple places which could be confusing. Now, all personal settings can be updated in one place, which makes it easier to get going. It also helps to limit mistakes and errors.

Pexip Engage Personal Profile Setting

In settings, you can now adjust basic account settings, configure your appointment hours and templates, sync your calendar, and adjust the application settings to your own preferences. 

There are also some improvements to the calendar synchronization setting. Previously, there were a couple of steps and clicks to get it set up. Now, it's easier, faster, and only takes three clicks to set up your calendar synchronization. 


1.3  Calendar changes


One of the first things to cover is office selection. This option is used if you are a part of multiple offices, are a central planner for the organization, or you need to manage appointments over multiple offices. 

With the new version of the solution you can easily find your dedicated office on the top left and choose it from a drop-down menu. If there is a long list and you cannot find the right office immediately, there is now a search bar that you can rely on. The same selection options have also been added to the agent search box. 

Pexip Engage Offices Dropdown on main view

Creating an appointment is now faster and easier. A pop-up opens where you can enter all relevant information for the appointment. On top of that there is a drop-down where you can now invite a customer directly to an appointment or create a meeting invite link that can be used in your email signature or targeted campaigns. 

Pexip Engage Web app create new appointment UI

Pexip Engage Web App Create New Appointment UI Expanded

Calendar view also got an update.Your meeting type is now immediately visible in the calendar without having to click on the appointment to see it. This limits confusion and allows you to be better prepared. For example, if it’s a physical meeting and you need to reserve a room or drive to a customer, you can see it at a glance.

Pexip Engage Web App Calendar Overview UI

Next to that you can now filter your calendar view. This allows you to quickly see the appointments, appointment requests, synchronized calendars, listings and bookable listings over the span of a day, a week or a month.

Pending requests are easily spotted and confirmed or rescheduled. This feature helps to  reduce the risk of not accepting or missing an appointment. 

Pexip Engage Web App Filter Appointment types UIes


1.4 Appointments tab changes


The Appointments tab got a new look as well. It is now easy to quickly see your Upcoming appointments, your appointment requests, the past appointments, the outgoing appointments, and your completed appointments. 

You can also filter your appointments on a specific date or week. 

Pexip Engage Web App Filter Appointments per date range UI

1.5 The ‘Help button’


There is now a pop-up that appears when you click on the help button, bottom left on your screen. Previously, a new window appeared that took you to the help center, where you then had to search for the correct help article. Now you can easily look for the right article directly in the search bar in the pop-up.

Pexip engage Web App Help Widget


2. Notification when calendar sync is broken  


To always ensure that customers and prospects are able to book meetings with your client-facing staff it is important to connect the right calendar to the Pexip Engage solution. In the past, if a calendar sync was broken, it took a while to discover that this was the issue when advisors were not bookable. Now, if a synchronization is broken in the web app, the agent gets a notification via mail to reestablish the sync with their calendar in the web app.


3. Email templating


One of the missions of Pexip Engage is to streamline the complete customer journey. This means delivering a consistent experience over all steps throughout the customer journey. With V2, our team worked to develop templates, making it easier to configure branded confirmation emails when someone books a meeting.

4. Plugin upgrade


Last but not least, with V2 comes a major upgrade to the plugin. Thanks to changes in architecture and the Schedule Rule Server, the plugin now loads data significantly faster than the previous version. Increasing speed will of course result in higher conversion rates since people will not drop-off the scheduling flow due to load times. 


For more information, connect with your dedicated Pexip Engage contact person or book a demo.


Jordy Verbeurgt;Marketing Specialist
Jordy Verbeurgt
Marketing Specialist
Jordy is a Marketing Specialist at Pexip. He has worked in the SaaS industry for 4 years. He has a passion for growing the brand and uses his creativity to best communicate the brand's core message and values.

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