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What truly makes Pexip "One Team"

Emma Larsen at Pexip

I was only 20 when I first joined the video industry in 2009. Yes, I know that tells you how old I am, but I am proud of my journey - and even more so of where I am right now.

I have worked for both resellers and vendors. This week passed the one-year mark since I started at Pexip, a company that has grown tremendously during the pandemic, tripled in people count, and fundamentally adjusted its strategy to better serve its customers. How is this even possible?

Living "The Pexip Way"

At the core of Pexip lie its values, and these values, “The Pexip Way,” are the foundation on which everything is built. The values are demonstrated by everyone every day. They are used in interviews to make sure new colleagues fit in. They are used in meeting situations and discussions. And they are used by all of us to thrive at work and enjoy what we do, all to better serve our customers and partners.

It is easy to assemble a team of people, but that team is not whole unless it is created with respect. The recruitment process at Pexip is fantastic in the way that it includes everyone. Diversity is not a requirement; it is a fact and a result. It's the combination of people, culture, and values that makes magic happen. It leaves us all with the feeling that we all play equally important roles in our own, as well as our colleagues' development and success, making us all better. 

One Team, leading together

At Pexip, we are all leaders. We go to work each day to contribute with respect and support to the One Team spirit. Having genuine support and mentorship from and to our colleagues and leadership makes us all act as respectful owners.

In 2021, during my first year at Pexip, I found myself challenged on several levels. Socially, because of the pandemic, but also being new to the company and working from home. I had many colleagues in the same situation and with the same feelings - internally and externally.

But when times are challenging, we grow the most. When we have to step up and play our role to the fullest to deliver on our promise to our customers and partners and towards each other. 

A true feeling of being part of One Team can only be achieved if you have the foundation of a supporting company through its inherent values.

I believe that there is always something to be celebrated: a fantastic customer win, a new partner engagement contract, or an individual achievement. This is a value I share with all of my colleagues at Pexip. When we celebrate, I genuinely feel that we recognize one another with mutual respect, joy, and compassion. 

The essence of One Team.

Emma Larsen;Channel Sales Manager
Emma Larsen
Channel Sales Manager
Emma works as a Channel Sales Manager at Pexip, and has over 10 years of experience from the industry. She is a strong supporter of a channel driven strategy - focusing on building and developing business relationships.

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