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How my personal brand aligns with The Pexip Way

David Riley works at Pexip

Having grown up an athlete, I always responded well to team sports. So, naturally, I gravitated towards a team-centric work environment—sales. At every step of my athletic career, coaches would often explain the type of player they thought I was, and how I fit into their overall team strategy. 

After I graduated from college, this team-centric mentality lent itself nicely to my job interviews. It was my first sales job where my VP of Sales sat me down and talked to me about defining my brand and my role at the company. 

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. My VP started talking to me about Apple’s brand and what it meant. It took me a minute to see his point; he explained that the Apple logo, which we have all grown to love, can evoke an emotional response from us because of their brand strategy. They control every portion of their supply chain, distribution, and brand, they are also able to venture into new markets with ease. In short, the product that you buy in New York is the same amazing product you can buy in any city around the world. Their brand coupled with marketing is one of the strongest in the world. He explained that as you embark on your career, you should clearly define what your personal brand is through your actions and align yourself with people that want to see you succeed.

So, what is my brand? How do I want people to feel when they leave a meeting with me? Note: I’m borrowing some language from Pexip here, but it accurately reflects who I am. My brand is helpful, reliable, and easygoing. I’m customer-facing, so, I will add that I am curious and focused on problem solving. I want colleagues and customers alike to feel at ease and that we are working towards a mutual goal. I want them to feel that I’m being my authentic self, so they are welcome to be their authentic selves. Perhaps, it is just a fascination with life, but I am always learning from the people around me. 

It’s not an accident that my brand aligns with core Pexip values. I was attracted to the “company’s voice” throughout my interview process and I remain pretty “rah-rah!” about Pexip after my onboarding as I see examples of how the company values are demonstrated by employees at all levels of the organization every day.

I was asked to make a video about Pexip, and although I do not outright mention my brand strategy, I kept my core brand themes in mind. I invite you to watch the video below. I speak to my experience at Pexip and issues that I care about that help me be my authentic self at work.

I have used these tactics as a framework for cross-functional management, guidance for mentees, selling, and building friendships. If you like these ideas, I would welcome connecting. I am always happy to listen or help someone along their journey.

If you're interested in doing things #ThePexipWay, check out our careers page.

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David Riley;Business Development Representative
David Riley
Business Development Representative
David is a Business Development Manager focused on executing the New York Metro team sales strategy. He is new to the video conferencing community but brings 12 years of tech industry experience.

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