Adaptive Composition - User Feedback


Adaptive Composition is now available as a preview in version 23 of Pexip Infinity. 

We are looking forward to get feedback from customers that would like to try this new experience in their own test environment, to make sure that the intelligence embedded in the platform behaves as intended when used in your situation.  

image (40)The above snapshot illustrates an incorrectly framed participant in Adaptive Composition. 

If something is not framed, or cropped correctly, please provide two recordings (the first from the conference, and the second from the room/environment that the observation was first made in) as explained in step 1 and 2 below: 

  1. Dial out from your conference to and talk through the issue you are experiencing. This recording should capture the same experience you've seen in the conference. Remember to disconnect the recorder when finished submitting feedback, and ensure that everyone in the call is OK sharing this with Pexip. A few minutes of recording is enough. 

  2. After the meeting, dial from the video system or client that showed the strange behavior directly to and try to recreate what was done in the meeting including things like taking notes, looking away from the camera or hanging up after a few minutes. This provides Pexip sample data so we can compare how a similar meeting would be optimized in our current and future versions.

Thanks for submitting feedback, your input is much appreciated by the Pexip team!

Please ensure that everyone in the test video has agreed to be recorded and understands that Pexip will only use your sample data to improve this feature.