Environmentally friendly communication

Reduce travel emissions, e-waste, network usage, and more by incorporating Pexip video conferencing into your organization's daily practices. 

globe copy 2Video conferencing is an environmentally-friendly collaboration solution which not only helps reduce the carbon footprint of companies, but also reduces operating costs.

But not all video conferencing solutions are the same. See how Pexip stands out when it comes to green business solutions.

Productivity from anywhere

Our modern video conferencing solutions are portable and flexible and no longer require an advanced video conferencing system to connect to colleagues. Travel is no longer required when remote workers or customers can connect to a video meeting using their computer or mobile phone. A home office now becomes as efficient as a day at the office and all without the commute.

Reduce travel emissions

As an international company, we understand the need to communicate with colleagues, partners, and customers globally.

Whether it is across town or across the world, every mile adds up. But by increasing your video conferencing usage, you can drastically cut back your need for travel and the CO2 emissions that come with it.

Reduce e-waste

Get more out of your hardware investment

Professional video conferencing equipment is expensive and e-waste is not only an environmental concern but also costly for enterprise. The Pexip Infinity platform provides interoperability for most standards-based videoconferencing systems.

This means that these hardware-based systems can continue to be utilized even if your company chooses to adopt a software-based productivity tool such as Office 365 or Google G Suite. Pexip simply connects these video conference systems into just about any meeting, regardless of the solution hosting it.

7Carbon emissions from travel are just a portion of the global CO2 problem. According to research from Greenpeace, the generation of energy to power the computing requirements of companies within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is responsible for 50% more carbon emissions than the aviation sector.

Reduce energy, network and CPU usage with Pexip

Pexip’s patented video platform has the most efficient implementation of any Intel-based transcoding technology

Pexip utilizes smart scaling and data routing for efficient data processing and allows for bursting with virtual servers. Pexip is elastic and can create and remove additional virtual servers in response to demand in your cloud of choice. The distributed deployment model is also bandwidth-efficient.  These aspects provide three to four times more effective usage of network, CPU and power over alternative solutions. This equates to cost savings for organizations as well as a reduction in the resources needed to power your video solutions.

The Pexip Service runs in a shared cloud, eliminating the need for company-specific servers. The compute is leveraged on-demand on a global basis so fewer resources are wasted idly waiting for use.

As environmentally friendly as you want to be

Does your organization have a commitment to operating on renewable energy? You can choose to self-host Pexip on-premises or in a cloud network that meets your renewable energy consumption requirements.

Learn more about self-hosted

Additional benefits of video conferencing

Not only does using video conferencing for remote collaboration decrease your organization’s carbon footprint, it also provides several additional benefits:  

  • Reduces travel costs and associated expenses such as lodging, food, and entertainment
  • Increases overall employee efficiency due to the elimination of the travel time from their work week
  • Improves customer service and strengthens relationships via more frequent video calls compared to repeated in person meetings.
  • The opportunity to work from home can increase employee satisfaction with the reduction in travel time contributing to an improved work-life balance.

Pexip supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Sustainable Goals list highlighting numbers 9 and 12.

Pexip’s technology innovations support the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, particularly in the areas of:

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Pexip is committed to developing high-quality technical infrastructure with a focus on inclusion for all regardless of location or technology. Our solutions reduce unnecessary technical waste and provide an economic and energy-efficient collaboration platform.  

Goal 12: Responsible production and consumption

Through the reduced energy, network and CPU usage offered by our platform and services, Pexip promotes the efficient use of energy allowing customers and users to reduce natural resource consumption. The further adoption of video conference technology directly enables companies to implement sustainable business practices such as a reduction in travel.


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According to recent studies, each year over 860 million tons of CO2 emissions are caused by air travel with a significant portion of this due to business travel. But even driving to the office can have an impact on the environment. The average commuter creates 4.6 tons of CO2 per year.

Environmentally conscious to the core

In addition to providing environmentally-friendly communication at scale, Pexip is also internally committed to making environmentally responsible business decisions and makes the following sustainability efforts:

  • Regular meetings with customers and remote colleagues are held over video when possible
  • Company-wide work-from-home policy eliminates unnecessary transportation
  • Electric car charging stations and a bike garage encourage green commutes
  • Recycling facilities are available in each office

Pexip simplifies communication across borders, businesses and platforms.

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