UCC Summit: The Merger of AV and IT Part 2

How Do You Merge AV Systems into an IT organization’s UC Infrastructure?

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Where and when?

Where: Room W315AB, InfoComm 2015
When: Thursday June 18, 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Topics and outline

  • Understand what aspects of UC and Collaboration can be addressed by the typical AV dealer/integrator and which ones can’t
  • Examine the various components of UC&C strategies
  • Identify the demarcation / “hand-off” points between AV & IT and how to appropriately manage the interaction
  • Learn what has worked and what has not

What Unified Communications & Collaboration decisions are being made before the AV Integrator is even on the job?  How do organizations combine AV best practices with an IT infrastructure and governance already in place?  How should end-users effectively referee the various individual technologists on any given project?  This session will include experts who have been through multiple projects and can provide guidance regarding successful models.

Who's on the panel?

Representatives from Revo, Pexip, Kramer, Crestron, and Collabsq will attend.

How to attend?

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