TalkPoint turned to Pexip to enable interoperable multi-point webcasting services
Uses Pexip Infinity to enable any video capable endpoint or device to drive its webcasting production.
August 29, 2016

TalkPoint, a New York City operation, is a leading self-service webcasting and web-based broadcasting provider. Founded in 1998, their cloud service is used by thousands of companies and enterprises worldwide, serving as the means to improve communications with internal and external users. The idea is to provide a simple, easy-to-use and manage webcasting platform that works as well for a small group session, as it does to communicate with thousands of simultaneous users.

TalkPoint Convey added Pexip Infinity at the front end to enable multipoint meetings as the source for its live webcasting platform.  

The challenge

TalkPoint’s customers require higher quality, and expanded options to drive their webcast productions. One of the requirements from customers was to be able to broadcast a small multipoint meeting in its entirety, so that several speakers and presenters could join from multiple locations and technologies.

The solution

The company integrated Pexip Infinity with its webcasting production studio, allowing any kind of video enabled endpoint or client to be streamed as the presenter and speaker in any webcast. As a result of Pexip’s inherent conferencing functionality, a meeting with multiple participants can be the source of the webcast.

The result

TalkPoint customers now benefit from technology-agnostic webcast production, effectively enabling business leaders and presenters to use the videoconferencing device they are familiar with when presenting and speaking. The result is simplified and more efficient production, improved video quality, and increased customer satisfaction.

TalkPoint Convey

Over the past few years, TalkPoint has seen a strong increase in the need to add multi-point broadcasts to their existing single endpoint streaming and broadcast capabilities in its Convey platform. In addition, it was desired to increase user connectivity options to include native support for more applications, including Skype for Business and all web browsers. This allowed end users to join from assets to which they already had access, even if they were not already large video conferencing users.

“We have tried other solutions that have worked well, but we were searching for a product that integrated more naturally into our studio set-up and was more user friendly and versatile,” said Dan Roche, TalkPoint’s VP of Marketing.

An important benefit of the TalkPoint webcasting platform is that it is simple to use for its customers. Being self-service focused, TalkPoint relies on users and organizations to register and use the product without interaction from any of the company’s representatives. The platform does not rely on apps, plug-ins or even downloads to work. All one needs is a simple web browser.

With that in mind, it is important for TalkPoint to drive that concept forward, even with the added complexity customer requirements presents - that of enabling more endpoints and front end clients to integrate with their self-service production studio.

“Pexip Infinity integrates directly into our presenter live studio for events that are enabled for multi-point broadcast. Every speaker and presenter is able to connect using their preferred device. TalkPoint's Convey webcasting product then utilizes the resulting call or conference as a media output to play directly out to the viewers in the webcast. This creates an easy-to-use, self service way to broadcast multi-point seamlessly without any hassle or the need for an operator.”

According to Mike Vitale, TalkPoint CTO and Head of Operations, Pexip provides the optimal solution for TalkPoint to integrate directly into its product. “The set-up, reliability and results were by far the best we tested when we were looking to expand our service and product offering. We are able to take TalkPoint Convey to another level for our customers with Pexip as the core interoperability platform.”

“Pexip Infinity's ability to seamlessly combine various conferencing technologies, and TalkPoint's ability to extend these meetings to thousands of viewers, is a true turnkey solution. Using something as simple as a videoconferencing solution to produce high capacity webcasts was traditionally difficult. With the integration of Pexip into our solution, these barriers no longer exist.”


For TalkPoint, moving to integrate Pexip Infinity in their webcasting platform has enabled the company not only to provide a broader service with improved quality, but also directly address customer requirements. As organizations inherently exist in complex multi-vendor environments, Pexip effectively bridges these into the TalkPoint Convey platform to position the company for future growth and functionality enhancements.

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