Pexip Infinity 17 is here

You can now upgrade your Pexip deployment to Infinity 17. The new version includes, as always, a number of new features and functions.

One of them significantly reduces the time it takes to run upgrades.

The enhanced live view dashboard features more information at a glance.

Pexip® Infinity Fusion Certified as Interoperability Solution for Microsoft Skype for Business Server

OSLO, Norway, and NEW YORK, Aug 1, 2017 – Pexip announced its Infinity Fusion product was certified by Microsoft as a video interoperability solution for Skype for Business Server today. Pexip Infinity Fusion allows Skype for Business meetings and calls to be joined by non-Skype users using video teleconferencing.  

Webinar: Infinity 15 demystified - all you need to know

Infinity version 15 now available

It almost sounds a bit like a broken record. But Infinity 15 really introduces a massive new feature set, and is one of the most important releases of Infinity yet. How so?

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Here are some of the reasons you want to download, upgrade, and get going with Infinity 15.

Infinity 13 now generally available

With a large number of new feature additions and enhancements, version 13 is yet another major release of the Infinity platform.

Although most of the news in the release are "under the hood" enhancements, there are lots of visible additions and improvements as well - both for the administrator and the end user.

Pexipdemo now runs Pexip Infinity v13 beta

Just this past weekend, everyone that uses Pexip’s Pexipdemo VMR platform, was upgraded to the Beta 2 version of the upcoming Infinity 13 release. And, as one has come to expect, that added some great new features too!

Pexip Infinity 13 adds subtle watermarking to video as one of its new branding features.

Here are a few little things you’ll notice:

Live webinar: What's new in Pexip Infinity 12?

With each new release of Pexip Infinity comes a number of new features and added functionality. The recently released Infinity 12 holds more than 25 of them.

In this live webinar we will cover what they all are, and why you want to pay attention.

Pexip Infinity 12 now available

With more than 25 new features that benefit both new and existing customers to realize higher value of their use of Pexip Infinity, version 12 is now available.

More than 25 new features

The new release holds more than 25 new features across infrastructure support, user and management experience.  

Infinity 11 now available

With Pexip Infinity 11, there are tons of good reasons to getting your upgrade or engagement with Pexip Infinity going.

With more than 25 new features and enhancements, it has something up the sleeve for both the user and the administrator.

Here’s 25 or so good reasons to get you on your way to Infinity 11.

Pexip Infinity shortlisted for two awards

In 2014, Pexip was awarded the "Best Interop Support for a Cloud Solution" by Let's Do Video's readers in a public poll. Readers had nominated Pexip Infinity, and voting propelled Pexip to the win.

This year, Pexip Infinity has been nominated for yet another two awards by the same readers!