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Implementing, Supporting and Using Pexip® Infinity

The Pexip Technical Training covers everything a technical professional needs to know about Pexip Infinity. The course prepares students to earn a Pexip Technical Expert certification.

When is the next training?

Oslo, Norway (map to location):

New York, USA (map to location)

  • December 5-6 2017, Certified Technology Expert 
  • December 7 2017, Advanced Log Reading Class

Reading, UK (map to location)

  • No upcoming training sessions

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Course descriptions

Implementing, Supporting and Using Pexip® Infinity covers the characteristics of video and Unified Communications. It teaches students to identify the requirements for a successful implementation of Pexip Infinity. This course describes the characteristics of integrating Pexip Infinity with other communication solutions and enables students to evaluate the general requirements and impact of communication factors, such as coding options, media formats, protocols and network.

Students will use live labs to configure Pexip Infinity and see results using live software, endpoints, laptops and mobile apps.

In addition, students will:

  • Be the first to know what’s new
  • Earn their Pexip Technical Expert certification badges
  • Test new features in live production labs

Course objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Describe Pexip’s core values and vision
  • Describe the Pexip product line and solution requirements
  • Understand licensing requirements for Pexip based solutions
  • Identify the communication technologies supported by Pexip Infinity
  • Configure Pexip Management Nodes and Pexip Conferencing Nodes
  • Identify integration capabilities in Pexip solutions
  • Demonstrate product use and administrator tasks
  • Provide training sessions to end-users

Course outline

  • The Pexip Infinity Solution
  • Technology Basics
  • Implementing Pexip Infinity
  • Pexip Integration
  • Placing Conference Calls
  • Customer Training & Adoption

Who should attend?

  • Field Engineers
  • Help Desks
  • Sales Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Channel Partners / Resellers
  • Customers
  • Employees

Certification badges

Upon completed and passed training, you will receive a digital and verified badge that is specific for your level of certification.

Applicable badges are Certified Technology Expert and Certified Technology Expert - Diagnostics.

Badges are issued by Pexip, and are personal. Badges can be attached to your LinkedIn profile, and shared in multiple ways.

Tuition fees and cost

Register here to attend an upcoming Pexip Technical Training class. A $1,500 per student tuition (free for Pexip Authorized Gold Partners) will give two days of in-depth theoretical and practical training on Pexip’s Infinity platform and how it integrates with existing Unified Communication architectures. The class will be held in one of Pexip’s offices around the world; training materials, lunch, and dinner will be provided  

To register for a Pexip Technical Training, click here


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