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What's new in version 29 of Pexip Infinity self-hosted?

What's new in version 29 of Pexip Infinity self-hosted?

With every new version of our Infinity self-hosted software, our goal is to improve and enhance the following areas with new features and functionalities:

Version 29 is packed full of exciting new features and enhancements. Here’s a quick look at some of what’s new. 🔎


Delightful user experience


Creating a more engaging meeting experience

When viewing presentation content as part of the layout mix, up to 12 other video participants can now be displayed in addition to the presenter and the presentation itself allowing for a more engaging meeting experience.


Enhancing our interoperability solutions


Giving you greater control on your Cisco CE devices

With our new Pexip Call Control macro for Cisco CE devices, users can easily view the roster list, see who is presenting, change layouts and toggle on/off overlay text using their Cisco touch panel. 

Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 16.43.48 Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 17.34.29

Teams Connector enhancements: "failed sharing" messages for Attendees

Depending on meeting roles, Attendees may not have permission to share a presentation. We now provide notification that the user is not sharing their presentation in the meeting.


Improving Privacy & Security

Client TURN server provisioning and new TURN server authentication methods

When configuring TURN servers for use with Pexip Infinity:

  • You can now select an authentication type of either Username & Password  or Time-limited credentials (new option to support the new Direct Media / end-to-end encryption feature). 

  • You must now configure the transport type for each TURN server (UDP, TLS or TCP).

  • When defining system locations you can now specify one or more Client TURN servers that will be provisioned to Infinity Connect WebRTC clients that connect to a Conferencing Node in that location. 

"System integrity is compromised" administrator alarm

There is a new "System integrity is compromised" alarm which is raised if one or more of the Pexip Infinity system files have been modified by an external party/event.

Improving the Admin experience 

Decluttering your Live View

If you have a very busy deployment, you can now disable conferences and backplanes from the Live View for an improved viewing experience.

Before                                                                                     After

Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 16.10.11

High-quality video within your Citrix environment 

citrix-logo-blackSelf-hosted or managed Citrix environments are now supported on our Pexip Infinity Connect Windows Client. Giving you full control of your data and data exposure, as well as low latency, HD video within your Citrix environment, from any device or location.

Note: ​Only supported on Pexip Infinity Connect Windows Client

Support for direct media between two WebRTC participants * 

VMRs can now support non-transcoded, encrypted, point-to-point calls between two WebRTC participants. This was designed primarily for Video Enablement applications that require E2EE for point-to-point sessionsResulting in reduced Infinity platform costs as media is direct between the clients​.

*Tech preview.

For more information on all of the technical updates of this release, please visit our documentation site.


Michelle Behan Hansen;Product Marketing Manager
Michelle Behan Hansen
Product Marketing Manager
Michelle is responsible for product marketing at Pexip. She's worked in marketing in a variety of industries (aviation, fuel & retail, tech) for nearly two decades. Her passion is in Technology Marketing and being the link between product development and sales.

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