100% software

As a pure software product, you don't need to invest in and install any custom hardware to deploy Pexip Infinity.

A benefit of a software-only model is immediate access to upgrades and updates. Have you ever had hardware that needed its firmware updated? Or worse, that actually needed its hardware updated? Not so with Pexip Infinity. 

The collaboration industry changes rapidly. So does Pexip Infinity. As new codecs and standards become available, and as features and functionality are added, the Pexip Infinity platform is updated. You immediately have access to the latest version. 

Distributed architecture, distributed gateway

With Pexip Infinity, you can deploy an unlimited number of Conferencing Nodes - where you need them, and when you need them. If your organization has many locations, perhaps even on several continents, you can simply deploy a Conferencing Node in each location.

Local traffic is managed locally - Pexip Infinity effectively becomes a local gateway. There is no need to transport large amounts of high definition video between continents, effectively saving up to 90% bandwidth in some cases.

Pexip Infinity's distributed architecture can reduce conference bandwidth usage up to 90%.

Furthermore, the distributed gateway functionality ensures that transcoding between different codecs (for instance between Lync and standards-based systems such as SIP and H.323) stays local. Instead of a single centralized gateway, you can have as many you want - where you want them and where you need them.

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Also read: White paper - Software based conferencing

Features and updates

As features and new standards become available, it is easy to update Pexip Infinity. New endpoints with new codecs? Check. New software clients requiring new functionality? Check. Pexip Infinity deploys in minutes.

Standardized management

As a virtualized software deployment, Pexip Infinity is managed the same way you manage other enterprise software.

VMware vCenter Server client

It uses the same industry standard management tools your team is already used to. Furthermore, it can easily be managed from a central location, in the office or even from your home office. 

Deployment options

Pexip Infinity can be deployed on many hypervisors - we recommend VMware ESXi 5.1 or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Deploying Pexip Infinity is easy. You download a single file to deploy the Management Node, from which you then deploy Conferencing Nodes and set up Virtual Meeting Rooms.

The whole process can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. 

Scalability and resource management

You can add, remove or move resources in real time. Need more capacity? Deploy more Conferencing Nodes where they are needed. Pexip Infinity services are uninterrupted, and the new capacity becomes available the minute you set it up. Resource management is unmatched in its simplicity and flexibility. 

Leverages modern virtualization reliability and resilience functionality

Pexip Infinity supports VMware High Availability (HA) and vMotion functionality and failover capabilities. If one of your Virtual Machines crashes or ceases to function due to server error, Pexip Infinity will automatically be moved to another usable server.

Making use of the monitoring tools offered by modern virtualization simply gives you better visibility of your deployment's service health and availability.